• Lyd In Exile

    Work in Progress, HD video and animation, feature documentary, made with Rami Younis –In 1948 a catastrophic event transformed the Palestinian city of Lyd forever, hundreds were massacred by occupation forces and most of the city’s inhabitants were sent into exile. Seventy years later, Lyd is now called Lod in Hebrew and the city that once connected Palestine to the world is now the capital of Israel’s drug trade –– disinvested and divided. But what if the massacre and expulsion never happened? Lyd in Exile combines dystopian, documentary footage and animated fictional scenes to portray two simultaneous realities. Through documentary scenes with a Palestinian metal worker in Balata Refugee Camp who is trapped in exile, never before seen Israeli archival footage of Zionist soldiers admitting to their war crimes, a Palestinian teacher in Lyd fighting to keep Palestinian identity alive for the next generation and other characters, Lyd in Exile follows the current, harsh realities of Palestinian life under occupation. And through animated fictional sequences, it also colorfully and often humorously imagines what life would be like for these same characters if the occupation had never happened and the open wound left by the massacre and expulsion was closed.  More information here. Follow us on facebook@LydInExile